About Christopher Sia

Hi, my name is Christopher Sia and I’ve been teaching pencil portrait drawing since 2006. The students from my online drawing course range from various countries across the globe, of which includes US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Philippines, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and the list goes on.

People often ask me the question whether the time and effort I put into drawing and teaching people how to draw is worth it. My answer to them is that it does require a lot of work and does not appear to be an easy task to be done, but it’s the work that I am passionate about and love doing.

I wasn’t born as talented as Leonardo da Vinci but I do believe that the skills and achievements I have today is a result of my hardworking practices. Hence, eventhough talent is a complimentary bonus but good practices will definitely bring the best out of every potential artist out there.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: christophersia @pencilportraitmastery.com

To Your Drawing Success,


Founder of the Realistic 
Pencil Portrait Mastery

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